Don't Burn Dinner

Salt Dough Woodland Creatures

Being a stay at home mom, I know a thing or two about FREE FUN projects that keep your baby entertained for hours.

My favorite is salt dough clay. I’ve posted about it before, but I wanted to show you how fun and creative it can be when you paint it.

My son and I made all of the woodland creatures below with only one batch of salt dough. While he napped, I painted them. His wonderment when he woke up was priceless…which was pretty great considering these were free.

We did a little Easter project with a blue bunny and we stamped my son Lennon’s feet on it. He loves the painting so much he carried it around with him all day. That gave me the idea to do the same blue bunny in the salt dough. The possibilities are endless.

The creatures I came up with for this batch. Again all of this was with just one batch of dough.

*When he’s in school, I hope to continue. Imagine..if he’s learning about cells, or the solar system…he could make them for fun at home to really get that information to stick. Older kids can enjoy this too, is my point.

I always have Lennon help me stir and mix and “help” sculpt them. I never get mad if he ruins something on accident, I just make it better.

Sometimes I even make them while watching “90 Day Fiancé”. 😂😂😂 Just put down a towel.

They have great color and texture. They are very sensory for a little one.

I’ve been working on having a minimalist house and these toys are great for that. They serve a purpose, are fun to look at and when they are no longer of use, they are biodegradable. There is no guilt throwing them away.


1 cup flour

1/2 cup salt

1/2 water (add teaspoon or more if it’s still too dry)

300 for 30 minutes

Good luck! I can’t wait to see your creations! Just tag @dontburndinner or use #dontburndinner on Instagram and I’ll share! Xoxo

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