Don't Burn Dinner

The Austin Zoo for under 15$

Hi mommas!

Today we went to The Austin Zoo.

Before noon it’s so quiet and peaceful. Parking was free and safe. We got fresh air, learned about animals and even caught a tortoise talk and feeding during our little trip.

I usually try to keep my daily activity budget under 10$, but I made an exception because this is more like an animal sanctuary than a zoo. It’s for a good cause. I keep my budget low, so I can do more things.

It was 11$ for one adult and kids under 2 are free! Lennon and I rode the train for $3. I could have grabbed a groupon…but again, the good cause thing..

*bring cash for the train because the minimum amount to charge us $5 (or just donate $2 more).

* the zoo doesn’t accept Amex either


I’m so glad I packed a banana and some munchies because all they had were corn dogs and ice cream… not only is it cheaper to have your own food, but healthier too.

*I always keep 2-3 baby spoons in my diaper bag…just in case one hits the floor

* I keep ALL snacks in a ziplock bag in my diaper bag to prevent spills.

* the trails were muddy, so bring your big wheel stroller and shoes you can wash. I wore white shoes…oops.

Anyways, alpaca a lunch and get going to The Austin Zoo!

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