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How to Throw a Beatles Themed Baby Shower

I really didn’t want a baby shower because I have been so sick the last few months. I’ve not been in the mood for a celebration or planning anything. But, my husband Chris on the other hand, didn’t want me to miss out on a pretty special life moment, so he (kind of) surprised me with one right in my own backyard.

I ultimately figured out something was going down at the house…(the dead giveaway was Chris cleaning up his own bathroom). He confessed to the party when he realized I’d be pretty pissed if I didn’t have an outfit picked out (link for dress at the bottom)…so, finding out about the surprise party three days before was kind of perfect. I got to do a little decorating, but didn’t have time to overdo it like I usually do.

We agreed on a ” Here Comes the SON” Beatles theme. Cute play on words, happy colors and we love the Beatles, so done and done.

I’m not much into games, but I do believe a good party always has a few different attractions… and one really fun party prop is a photo area. I know I love to relive a great memory with a fun photo. So we taped a ton of balloons to the wall, put down some construction paper to resemble Abby Road, set up nice lighting and boom! It made a great selfie station! It was right by our front door so friends could get a picture on the way in or the way out.

We set up another fun visual area by the desserts to really drive home our party theme.

We did another balloon wall, but this time I added in some sunflowers with clear tape, cut out some bubble letters from poster board, threw in some fairy lights and even taped some construction paper “rays” on a beach ball to look like the sun.

The Union Jack napkins were left over from my bridal shower, so that was a sweet little nod.

I baked a 4 tier vanilla cake, but added blue food coloring to the batter for our little boy. I quickly frosted it blue, then added white blobs for clouds. I had to think fast because guests were arriving and time was ticking away.

I think it turned out quite cute and looked like an impressionist painting. Everyone loves a cute cake at a shower and cutting it is always a fun activity. I also made funfetti cupcakes, but ran out of time and didn’t frost them. Oh well!

I attempted replicating the “Hair Peace” and “Bed Peace” posters that John and Yoko had above their beds during their honeymoon protest.

I’m not sure everyone made the correlation, but we liked them so much, we still have them up in the house.

We filled up the baby’s new carriage with brightly colored loofas and my husband made a sign that said “From our shower to yours”. It was a simple and functional party favor and I think everyone appreciated it. I do hate clutter, so I love giving gifts that serve a specific purpose.

Our baby shower was perfect. It was a low key Sunday pool party, with about 20 of our closet Florida friends. People rolled in and out at their leisure, while my husband grilled burgers and brats and passed out Stella Artois.

I hope this inspires a party thrower out there somewhere! It’s such a blast to get creative, especially in your own home!

Peace, love and baby showers!! Xoxo

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