Don't Burn Dinner

The best sausage roll I’ve had in the States can be delivered to your front door!

I’m so excited to share this amazing news!! My search could be over because I think I finally found the best sausage roll in the States!

Obviously my husband is a Brit, so by proxy I have become somewhat of a sausage roll connoisseur. (Hey, we all have to have something to be proud of, lol).

However, I have yet to find any sausage rolls in the US comparable to an English sausage roll in taste.

So, when Ackroyds Bakery ( in Michigan reached out to send me some goodies I was pumped. Ackroyd’s is the real deal, an authentic Scottish bakery in Michigan. I knew it was going to be good.

Check out this sausage roll (it’s the long one on the left):

Yes, you are looking at a Mac&Cheese Pie. A Mac&Cheese pie!!!

They even sent the official HP Sauce.

*Did you know:

Any item with the Royal Crest means it’s been approved or is an approved vendor of the royal family?

Harrods had one on the HP Sauce bottle too, but had to remove it when Mohamed Al-Fayed sued The Queen over the death of his son. (Who was in the car with Princess Diana).

The more you know.

A spot of dessert:

The tarts were all insanely good. I sampled them all immediately upon opening the box, because how could you not? They are perfectly sweet and adorable.

And my favorite part is the lemon and elderflower cake just like the Royal wedding!!! Can you even stand these jars?! The packing was a little personal sized mason jar with the Scotty Dog Ackroyd’s label…You know I’m a sucker for little black dogs.

I loveeeeeee lemon cake! I love it so much that we even had a tier of lemon cake on our own wedding cake (even before the royals did it).

The food was hands down amazing. I had family in from out of town and we had planned just doing a barbecue for dinner, until the box surprised us on the front door. Everyone was so pleased with the food and it really made for a great conversation starter. It’s rewarding to host a party and not only have the food be interesting and new for your guests, but also a huge hit! Ackroyd’s Bakery really helped me look like a real hostess for the day. Everything was packaged beautifully, was easily labeled and simple to heat up and serve. I couldn’t have had a better experience with this bakery.

Here is there website for you.

You need to trust me, “The sausage connoisseur” on this one and order away! You will be so, so glad you did!

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