Don't Burn Dinner

My scone recipe everyone asked for this weekend

The secret is out! It’s from a box!

Do you know if you have a British Marketplace in your area? I found one only two miles down the road from our house. I was able to get some fun authentic English goodies for the Royal Wedding. Treats ranging from clotted cream to Battenburg Cake (my favorite) to my secret weapon…Green’s Scone mix.

I posted a photo of my scones over the weekend and had a lot of people reach out for the recipe…so here it is….it was from a box!

It was a very easy recipe that only needed an egg, milk, flour for rolling and a wooden spoon. We added chocolate chips …because why wouldn’t you?

I just followed the recipe, but I felt very “baker-esque” because I was able to use my fabulous Anthropologie rolling pin; a traditional wedding gift in our family. Every mother gives her daughter a rolling pin for her wedding shower gift. Don’t you just love the simplicity in that?

I even used a glass in place of a cookie cutter, so it made me feel like I used some ingenuity as well! Lol!

Then add a little egg wash on top for that gorgeous scone shine.

Look at how beautiful these bad boys came out. The box yields six scones:

I hope you all have access to an English store because it’s so fun, but if you don’t *hint hint* just get the scone mix from Amazon.

Pair that with some clotted cream (Amazon also carries that) and you have the top tier of your proper English High Tea completed to perfection!

Not to mention a very royal breakfast nibble for the rest of the week!

Best of luck friends! Let me know how they turn out!!

*Oh and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram (Dontburndinner) if you aren’t already. See what I’m eating daily now that I’m pregnant… things are starting to get weird!*

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