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The Perfect British Baby Blue

Where do you begin when it comes to decorating a nursery?

I found inspiration in curtains. I fell in love with these French circus striped silk taffeta curtains and built up from there. They were expensive at nearly $100.00 per panel, but thank goodness the nursery only has one large window! I personally think a room is all about lighting and curtains, so I always know a large chunk of the budget will end up there. ( I got them off of Amazon, “half priced curtains in Hampton Blue”.

I then went to Target and found these “Rachel Ashwell:Shabby Chic” sheers. They were $20 per panel, so getting away with window drapery for under $300 is a steal I think (my husband did not, lol!) ! I might double up the curtains, or even use it above the crib. I haven’t decided yet…

I struggled with curtain rods and my search led me back to amazon, where I found them less expensive than stores and the color I needed… gold. Does anyone else live for amazon prime? (I’ll post pictures once it arrives and they are hung).

I wanted the traditional British nursery blue and it was more difficult than I imagined. All of the blue swatches I found pulled either a sea foam or gray hue, until I came a across “Vaporize” at Home Depot. (Whoever said watching paint dry is boring, didn’t watch this color dry! It was anything but boring!)

My husband removed the popcorn ceiling and painted the nursery over the weekend. We just need a fresh skirting board and we can start with the furniture. What do you think? Isn’t that the perfect nursery blue? I’m obsessed and couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome!

Wish me luck while I move on to crib shopping! Please feel free to comment on any crib advice you can give.

One reply to “The Perfect British Baby Blue

  1. I love the paint color and the curtains are phenomenal! I’m a curtain freak and think they’re crucial too! They’ll be a focal point. I don’t think you paid too much, and I’m not extravagant. My first job was putting up curtain displays and selling them, and I’ve had a love for it ever since. Great choices, so far. LOVE IT!


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