Don't Burn Dinner

Sushi, Brie cheese, caviar, rare steak, prosecco, oysters, Foie Gras…

Sushi, Brie cheese, caviar, rare steak, prosecco, oysters, foie Gras…lunch meat sandwiches. Coffee not recommended.

The hardest part of pregnancy has been eliminating my favorite foods from my diet. My son better know he’s loved, because those who really know me, know the magnitude of these sacrifices. I went to a high end steak house last weekend and had to order a very nice cut of meat well done. Yes, well done. I was humiliated and refused a butterfly cut. But, I must admit that food tastes even better when pregnant, so it was still quite nice.

There are other ways to enjoy your favorite foods that are safe for the baby. If you want sushi, you can eat shrimp tempura. I went to a birthday party at Nobu and I was very happy with the vegetarian alternatives I was served. The most important thing I’ve learned is to make sure the restaurant knows you are pregnant. Your tempura or vegetarian sushi must be made on a separate area from the raw fish. This is a must. If the sushi place is not high end, honestly I would skip it.

Brie cheese is on the list and that just sucks. I’m just eating very basic cheese to appease my taste buds for now. I’ve not found a way around this that I’m comfortable with.

Caviar is always something that is fabulous on a more special occasion. I love a good white sturgeon with a little creme fraise on a toast point. I’m going to dream about that for my Christmas breakfast with champagne. That’s how I will overcome my caviar craving. It’s the only way.

They say a little glass of wine is okay here and there during pregnancy, however I’m too much of an over thinker to actually enjoy it, so I will be holding off on that as well for 5 more months.

Oysters. You have been and will be missed. They say you should only eat oysters in months ending in “Y”, so I do know how to hold out. Also, a fun fact, Royals are not allowed to eat oysters as they are deemed too dangerous. That being said, 5 more months until we meet again my friends…too risky. You’re out.

As we all know, Fois Gras is best in France. Fois Gras is a rarity on American menus, but it is the type of thing that when you see it listed in the appetizers section, you obviously order it. But for now, we skip it. Just a few months, let it go.

And last but not least…lunch meat. I love sandwiches, so this broke my heart a little. I asked the doctor if this was an important food to avoid and finally good news!! She laughed. She said not to listen to Dr. Google on this one because lunch meat is fine. So go ahead ladies, eat your sandwiches!

Caffeine was a weird one because it takes some math. Caffeine is to be consumed at only 200 mg daily. This is actually a lot of caffeine once you break it down. We have a nespresso coffee maker and one pod of coffee is generally around 83 mg. From the research I did, it seems that caffeine should be more monitored during the first trimester. I’m certainly aware and watching my caffeine intake more than usual, but it doesn’t seem to be much of a real concern.

So all in all, I think it is quite doable!

What do you ladies think? What is the hardest food sacrifice for you? I’d love to hear how you adjust your diet for your baby. Tell me in the comment section below! Xx

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