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The most beautifully British bridal shower in Grosse Pointe: An evening at The Cotswold Cafe.

My bridal shower photographs are fabulous and I am so proud to share them with you. 

My Bridal Shower was a bit non traditional in the fact that it was a Sunday evening dinner celebration and my mother threw it. My mother is well known for her incredible eye for design. Her homes have been featured in many publications for their interiors and her crowning moment was gracing the magazine “Better Homes and Gardens”. Needless to say, I was thrilled she offered to throw my shower! 

My Mother

With the help of two of my three bridesmaids, my mother threw a party that most girls could only dream of. 

Pictured is Shannon (My Chief Bridesmaid), myself and Emily (My bridesmaid)

This demonstration of extraordinary creative talents took place at the historical Edsel and Eleanor Ford House in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. Tucked away deep inside the gardens is the hidden gem, The Cotswold Cafe. With a huge renovation on its way, we would have the last party ever thrown there. So it had to be magic.

The Edsel and Eleanor House in Grosse Pointe Woods

In honor of my British groom-to-be, my mother went with an English theme. Our guests were encouraged to wear hats, so it gave the room a sense of whimsy. 

Is that Vueve Clicquot I see???

When I told Chris everyone was wearing a hat to the party, he responded “then you should wear a crown”…and this ladies is exactly why I’m marrying him; wink wink. I paired my Austrian crystal crown with a dress and scarf cape from my favorite designer of the moment Ted Baker. Ted Baker dress, shoes and cape scarf

My dear friend and bridesmaid Emily is a floral designer in Scottsdale. She flew in for the affair and blew the party goers away with her arrangements that boasted blue hydrangea, red gerbera daisies, blue thissle, red ranunculus, blue iris, red roses, white spray roses, white wax flower, curly willow and seeded eucalyptus. The sweet fragrance of the heady blooms set a tone of luxury that was unforgettable. Her mixture of color and her unsurpassed knowledge of flowers was beyond impressive. It was quite empowering to see her in action and I feel privileged I get to call her my friend.

Flowers arranged by Emily and provided by The Enchanted Rose

Shannon, my chief bridesmaid, worked closely with my mother to make the whole thing happen. From the invitations to the physical set up of the room, I could go on and on but the point is…this WOULD NOT have happened without her. She even had the foresight to request a recipe from every lady at the party as a gift for me. She singlehandedly got me a year’s worth of material for “Don’t Burn Dinner”! I’m grateful for her everyday and my heart swells with pride when I see her in her creative element like this. With the personally designed invitations, she hand crafted this faux cake for the dessert table. Just look at these photos, my heart just stops beating for a moment. So gorgeous.

Shannon’s handcrafted display cake

Designed by Shannon, printed by

Okay back to games! I hate playing games at showers because I don’t like to be put on the spot or to be the center of attention, so they came up with a solution. Any plate that had a Union Jack taped under it won the centerpiece. We also had a guessing game in the corner. Under a lit up garden cloche was a bowl full of jewels and rings. The guests were simply asked to guess the amount and submit the answers in a box. The closest number won the prize and it was a goodie bag I brought back all the way from Harrod’s on our last London trip! It was Buckingham palace room spray, tea towels and a Harrod’s bag. My sweet cousin Jill was the winner! 

The gemstone guessing game

The party favors my mother chose felt like an Oprah’s favorite things give away! The young girls all walked away with “Alex and Ani” bracelets. While the adults got handmade cones filled with lavender sachets, my mother’s custom “Intense Almond” soap (she makes from all natural ingredients shipped from England), Walker’s Union Jack shortbread cookies paired with Earl Grey tea and heart shaped Cranberry Apricot Scones from a local bakery. Whew! 

Union Jack shortbread cookies from Walkers

The Lavender Sachets
Scones from The Cabbage Patch Cafe

My favorite part was the tree my mother decorated with different memories and wishes for yours truly. It was extraordinary. You can see for yourself the love and craftsmanship that went into this sweet sentiment. 

My wish tree made by my mother

Incredible isn’t it?

All of that detail!!! 

On top of this was the dinner! The Cotswald Cafe coincidentally boasts the culinary genius of British chef David Wood who worked closely with me to perfect a dinner palate. He was so excited to show off his cooking chops and that he did. We started off our 4 course dining experience with a “Yorkshire Pudding”, followed by a “Coronation Chicken Salad” only to crescendo into a “Beef Wellington” cooked to absolute perfection. As if we weren’t stuffed enough, we finished on a comical note with the traditional dessert of “Spotted Dick” and washed it all down with endless bottles of prosecco. 

Coronation Chicken Salad
The Beef Wellington
Spotted Dick

I decided to have my gifts shipped to our home in Florida and I’m very grateful I did. Every day has been an adventure in gift opening. I’m equally grateful and intimidated by the kitchen supplies I asked for and received. I’m excited that I now have the tools to learn how to become a wife who can cook. It was a relief to have so many women comforting me by telling me stories of burning their first dinners, or how nervous they were to be start a marriage with no idea on what to do! I am not alone and I appreciate all the support everyone is giving me on my blog “Don’t Burn Dinner”.

I will never forget the love I felt on the day of my shower. I am forever humbled and forever grateful to every single person that was part of it. I’ll cherish those memories my entire life. Love you all xx Kate 

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